Presenting Ocean Explorer C-72

Design Germán Frers.

The essence of Ocean Explorer C-72 follows the concept of her sisters and will live up to the name of Ocean Explorer. She is a very performance oriented fast cruiser capable of exploring all the Oceans and remote locations in full safety and comfort.

In comparison to the C-60 the size allows one additional cabin in each hull without compromising the volume feeling inside. The standard layout includes five generous cabins and a six cabin version is a part of the optional program.

The C-72 deck arrangement differs to the C-60 and C-78.
The deckhouse front door has been removed and offers different layout possibilities and configuration solutions inside.

On the outside the steering positions have been brought forward to ensure very good visibility for the helmsman. The steering position arrangement cleverly avoids the negative aspects related to a flybridge layout.

In order to minimize the number of crew the halyard and sheet lines have been directed close to the helm stations allowing the helmsman to trim the sails even at moments being single on deck.

The superyacht sized aft cockpit with its arrangements and the large front deck offers so many ways of enjoying life. Relaxing in solitude, sharing moments with friends, party, participate in sports activities, observing the nature, all the small details which lifts the quality of life.

Inside the C-72 all details are equally matched providing the safest and best quality home out at sea.

It all can be summed up. Ocean Explorer C-72, the perfect boat offering the chance for a perfect life. A dream within reach, welcome aboard!

Dimmensions Ocean Explorer C-72

Length overall                 22,00 m      72,2 ft
Length at waterline         21,90 m      71,8 ft
Beam                                 10,80 m      35,4 ft
Hull draught                      0,85 m        2,8 ft
Daggerboard down          2,60 m        8,5 ft
Air draft                             32,00 m       105 ft
Main sail area                  136,0 m2      446 ft2
Jib sail area                      114,0 m2        374 ft2
Engine Volvo D3          2 x 110 hp
Fuel capacity                     1600 l        422 Gal
Water capacity                    900 l        237 Gal
Heated water                       160 l          42 Gal
Displacement light            25,8 t     56.878 lbs
Solar energy area (opt)    25m2             82 ft2
Classification                     CE-Ocean A (DNV-GL)

Naval architect: Germán Frers

Builder: OQS-Ocean Quality Systems

Build technology
Vacuum infused epoxy
Hull, deck, deckhouse, carbon fiber, titanium, e-glass
Daggerboard and rudder carbon fiber
Rig carbon fiber

Ocean Explorer C-72 arrangement Ocean Explorer C-72a Ocean Explorer C-72b Ocean Explorer C-72c Ocean Explorer C-72d Ocean Explorer C-72e Ocean Explorer C-72f Ocean Explorer C-72g OQS C-72 Cockpit aftview zoom OQS C-72 Cockpit front side zoom OQS C-72 Cockpit top side zoom

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